On Saturday​​, April 29th is the Gala night for the launch of this amazing book.
The book has been written by many Co-Authors globally and it includes inspirational thoughts, messages of confidence, and instilling hope for young girls and women.
An opportunity for you to be part of this event is very simple.
You simply can contact 9331 2130 and place a booking and arrange to ask to sit at a table with me. I am looking to see who will join me and celebrate the success of this book with me and many other women.
I have to let you into a little secret. I have arranged for the 9th or 10th caller to be sitting on the table free of charge. Yes! That is right call up and you may be the lucky winner of a free seat.
You can also go to www.klassevents.com.au to place your bookings.
I hope that you can find time to be part of this event and get to hang out with me for a night wearing all the glitz and glamour.
An awesome opportunity to network with women and girls, from around the globe so bring along your business cards and share them out. If you are in the business of networking then this would be yet another prime opportunity for you to do that for your success.
The event is located at the Moone Valley Racecourse and we plan to kick off at 6.30pm. You will enter from Gate 1. McPherson Street Moonee Ponds.
Visit my facebook page Mind Ahead and comment on the video that is linked to this email.
I really hope to see you there. Can’t wait to see who is going to be joining me.