Letting Go, Moving On - The Book

Letting Go, Moving On - the bookAvailable now!


Letting Go, Moving On

by Nikki Simos


Introducing “Letting Go, Moving On,” the new book by Nikki Simos.

From the cover blurb:

“Nikki Simos had her first suicidal thoughts at the tender age of 17. Her teenage years were no less tumultuous. For over 30 years, she has kept secrets that have stopped her living a full, authentic life.

What happens to a person when they keep pain and secrets hidden from the outside world? How much of your upbringing and beliefs shape who you are?

Nikki believes that by sharing your story and dealing with your secrets, you can overcome your obstacles and live the life that you deserve, one full of happiness and contentment.

Nikki finally had the courage to share her experiences of suicidal thoughts, two accounts of rape and a forced abortion.

What happened next was a chance for her to lead an authentic life, one without secrets.”

This is the real life story of a survivor and it shows what makes Nikki the caring and inspirational person she is.


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What readers are saying:

Nikki’s book ‘Letting Go – Moving On’ is a story I just couldn’t put down it is one of faith courage and compassion.  Life is a ‘journey’ and we are only passing through Nikki’s story is one of courage to continue this journey despite the traumatic events of her life. Our treasures are our values and these are what we take with us on this journey. These values may come from our parents as in Nikki’s case her father who was a compassionate man who believed in her and taught her to how to be resilient by sustaining strong beliefs and values despite life’s hardships.  Nikki’s journey saw her at crossroads where she had to draw on these values in choosing her life’s direction.   Her story is also one of faith in herself and faith in God who spoke to her when she felt so alone and confused.  Nikki found that her faith in God enabled her to let go of the past as our God is a compassionate and forgiving one.  Nikki also was able to move on to completing the rest of her life’s journey with purpose and direction as the Holy Spirit worked in her life.  Nikki’s life is now full of happiness and contentment despite the challenges that life may present her now and in the future.

Heather Walliker

I have seen and spoken to many therapists, over the years, aiming to cut the wires from the barb fencing that I have built up around my solid brick wall that is metres high. It wasn’t until I read Nikki’s book, Letting Go Moving On, that has helped me change my thinking and supported me in such a way that nobody else has been able to. Nikki’s book Letting Go, Moving On has cut the wires for me. Nikki has inspired me to begin my journey and believe that I can write my book and share my story with the experiences that I too have had over the years. She has helped me feel at peace with some of my thinking and I have her book to thank for that. Blessings to Nikki and her book, titled, Letting Go, Moving On.

(Lis, 2016, Monbulk)

I fully enjoyed reading this book. In fact, I felt as if I was actually in a conversation with the author Nikki who told me about her story so far in her life. Although dealing with serious and thought-provoking matters, it was a pleasant read as the book carries a positive message of believing in God and yourself, letting go of negative thinking and moving on with your life.

The language was not complicated and the story was easy to follow, reaching and touching me, the reader. It is admirable and inspiring how the author Nikki conveys her story with such courage and honesty, talking about faith and spirituality, relationships with family, friends and acquaintances, achievements, successes, pain, mistakes and all sorts of ups and downs.

The author presents in this book many of her experiences of her life journey so far and her personal development toward the decision of allowing these experiences to lead her towards an authentic life, one without secrets. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story Nikki!

Tina, Vic.

I’m here right now and Nikki is still doing the rounds with the guests before she speaks. I’m so glad we met at church by chance about a month ago. I haven’t read her book yet but she is such an inspiring and highly intelligent woman. I absolutely regard her in the highest esteem. A spark that you’re drawn to. So honest and real. So excited to hear this super intelligent being speak and to read her book, Letting go moving on.

(Georgia, an attendee at my Coburg book launch.)

My husband picked up Nikki’s book for me around 9pm on a Thursday night. I remember reading the first page of the Nikki’s book, then the second page and by midnight I had read the whole book. The first thing that came to mind was that despite Nikki and I being of similar age, I was surprised how different our lives were. I was born into an apartheid era in South Africa, not only trying to fight off the prejudice of being classified as a “black south African” in addition to struggling to break the mould of a typical Indian female. Whilst here in Australia young ladies were struggling to survive and find their place in society. I would never have expected that this was a problem faced then by young woman in this country that I now call home. However, it appears that Nikki’s fight for her place in society is as relevant today as it was in the time of her reaching adulthood. After reading Nikki’s book, for some strange reason I did not feel sorry for Nikki but rather energised to do something…… this is what a good book/ author is all about.

It is my belief that Nikki’s book is more than just a story, perhaps an instrument that can be used to assist young woman to understand their own value and self-worth. This real Australian story has a lot to offer young woman in our country  for example, Nikki’s story inspires confidence whilst making one resilient. Encouragement  to soldier one whilst teaching one to be strong in their faith. Likewise, it teaches our young men about respecting woman, taking responsibility and action/consequence. I believe that Niki’sshould be encouraged and supported to talk to students in secondary school about her experience in the hope that it helps prepare our young men and woman to act responsibility and educate them of the reality of what is our world today.

Young woman in particular who relate to Nikki’s story will be inspired to address their own personal issue as well as have the confidence to hold their heads up high and be proud to be woman and masters of their own destiny. I know this because Nikki’s book has inspired me to hold my head high and be proud of who I am. In addition to helping me understand and also be able to help my young girls in the event that they may be faced with a similar situation as Nikki’s in the future