Seminar Feedback from Attendees

What people are saying about “The Nikki Effect”

“I’ve been a client of Nikki’s for a little while now and I have already achieved things that I wouldn’t have thought imaginable for me. I have labelled Nikki’s technique the “Nikki Effect” because she is amazing in her delivery. She has helped me build my self-confidence, and rebuild a sense of empowerment. I am able to make decisions that fit well within my thinking. My relationships with my husband and my children have grown. The fact that I am standing in front of a crowd to talk to you today is something I would have never have done”.

Thank you, Nikki. xo


“The length of the session was appropriate to my needs. Actually, it was perfect. I was given time to think, reflect and share. I absolutely loved Nikki’s quotes and her stories. She is knowledgeable, confident, and funny and is definitely able to engage the audience.

I was hesitant about attending at first, however; I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet with Nikki and thanked my mother for suggesting how this could help me with my needs. My mindset has already shifted into positive thinking mode and I now have a clear vision about why I’m heading towards where I am going.

I can’t wait to tell the people I work with and my friends about the “Nikki Effect” and how I am certain she can bring change into their lives providing that they are willing to make the change themselves”.


Congratulations my friend! I’m very proud of your achievements! You certainly do have a gift and you have been blessed. Love,


I am so fortunate I had the opportunity to attend Nikki’s Seminar. I have learnt so much from her today and at 48, I thought I had experienced it all. Nikki brought clarity to my thinking. She is a great communicator and I felt I could ask her anything, knowing that she would have an answer for me that made sense to me. I highly recommend the ‘Nikki Effect’ and attend her Seminars or book her services as your life coach. She truly is amazing! Thanks Nikki you have truly helped me out in relation to my relationships. I know have some decisions that I have to make. Thank you for helping me letting go of my fears and confirming that I can move forward and live in the now and future.

John xo

I found Nikki so easy to understand and I was able to truly reflect on me! I can see that Nikki is passionate about her ‘WHY’ and why she does what she does. She is genuine, positive, encouraging and respectful. I loved her seminar and I would attend again for a refresher any day. Thanks Nikki,


Your session was awesome, Nikki. Wish I could stand up on front of crowd and speak like you. You’ve certainly found your calling, Well done, girlie.

Maria Holman

“Hello Sunshine! First of all your website is amazing and I must say your truth and honesty in your Youtube speech actually brought happy and compassionate tears to me.  I feel even more connected to your teachings than before so thank you and well done. I am in hope I can interest you in my own testament to add to your site on how  you have changed my world.

Thank you.

Lou B.

“Thank you Nikki, for supporting my dreams and believing in me. Your Seminar was Awesome!”

Jenni Moffatt

“Nikki your truly are inspirational. I learnt so much from your seminar. Your skills and knowledge are huge. thanks for the heads up. I now have clear visions of my goals that I am going to work on!”

Tracey Triffett

“Thank you Nikki. Your Seminar was extremely informational. I have been holding off things for too long. Your seminar was exactly what I needed to hear to get moving. Thank you”.


“Nikki. Wow! You’re amazing!  You really are passionate about what you do and that shows in your delivery. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and’ experience”.