I recently celebrated the first of my book launch events. This was held at Busy Bird Publishing in Montmorency.

I was thrilled with the support given to me by everyone who attended.

If you would like to come along to my book launch events, you can see me in Coburg on 17th and Wallan on 25th November. Full details are on the events page of my website.


Nikki Simos presenting her new book
Nikki signing books at her book launch

This is a review of ‘Letting Go, Moving On’, my new book.

I fully enjoyed reading this book. In fact, I felt as if I was actually in a conversation with the author Nikki who told me about her story so far in her life. Although dealing with serious and thought-provoking matters, it was a pleasant read as the book carries a positive message of believing in God and yourself, letting go of negative thinking and moving on with your life.

The language was not complicated and the story was easy to follow, reaching and touching me, the reader. It is admirable and inspiring how the author Nikki conveys her story with such courage and honesty, talking about faith and spirituality, relationships with family, friends and acquaintances, achievements, successes, pain, mistakes and all sorts of ups and downs.

The author presents in this book many of her experiences of her life journey so far and her personal development toward the decision of allowing these experiences to lead her towards an authentic life, one without secrets. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story Nikki!

Tina, Vic.


This is the first testimonial I have received but I will add more over the next few days.

“I have seen and spoken to many therapists, over the years, aiming to cut the wires from the barb fencing that I have built up around my solid brick wall that is metres high. It wasn’t until I read Nikki’s book, Letting Go Moving On, that has helped me change my thinking and supported me in such a way that nobody else has been able to. Nikki’s book Letting Go, Moving On has cut the wires for me. Nikki has inspired me to begin my journey and believe that I can write my book and share my story with the experiences that I too have had over the years. She has helped me feel at peace with some of my thinking and I have her book to thank for that. Blessings to Nikki and her book, titled, Letting Go, Moving On.”

(Lis, 2016, Monbulk)