The path you walk is not the one in front of you. The path you walk is the one you walk when you MOVE!

I have realised that I am well and truly over due in posting a blog to you, my fellow subscribers and I sincerely apologise for doing so.

If I could take a moment to explain my status and where I am at today and the significant changes in my life that I want to share with you?

Well, for some time now, I have been thinking about a huge transition in my career path. This may be something on your mind, too. I often suggest to my clients in any movement they need to make in life it is imperative to move, feel the fear and do it anyway.

I hadn’t taken my own advice. I too was stuck for a short period of time. Yes, I the ‘life strategist’, who clearly was feeling consumed by emotional overwhelm at the time, I thought I couldn’t control anything that was going on around me. Until, I took a step back. I noticed what I hadn’t noticed before and then began to move and create new significant changes in my life and in particular within my career path and choices.

Firstly, I trusted in GOD to share a direction that he has for me. I would ask GOD for his support and aiming to nurture me, provide me with some form of feeling, sign, something to know that I was making the correct decisions that I am leaning towards knowing clearly that I will completely alter the status of my income, my work status, my professional colleague status and simply asking the question am I going to be alright? Will I prevail in the changes that I felt needed to happen for better status of living and seeking the opportunity in becoming a better version of self?

I trusted my decision. I trusted in my prayer and I decided to transfer out of full time employment, what has been providing me with financial security for the last 9 years and transitioning into working part time. This decision was going to allow me time to explore opportunities to grow Mind Ahead and seek personal interest for paid work in the film and television sector, once again as this is a passion of mine, along with spending time with my children’s education and seeking further life and work balance.

The changes in my career were decisions that couldn’t be made lightly. I was going to make changes and I knew that the consequences of my decisions were not only going to affect me on a personal, financial and social level, the changes were also going to affect my family, my husband and my three children.

I knew that change had to happen. It was time and it needed to be done. So I did.

Making decisions that will change your life in a profound way is a very gutsy thing to do however, I knew I was being guided and looked after by God. I knew this because I felt his love. I felt his warmth and I continue to do so. I don’t exactly know where my life is actually heading yet, however, I do know what I want and why I want it. A plan of action is in place and I am embracing it all.

This is why the pathway you walk on is the one you follow when you move. Greater opportunities will present themselves, even if you don’t see them coming. Take a leap of faith and become all that you can be. I did!


Thanks for reading.                                                                 Mind Ahead                02/11/2015