Yesterday evening, I spent two hours of my life with the most amazing group of individuals, families and friends. I truly felt like I was welcomed with love.

The Christian Fellowship Church Group in my local area, youth group, performed a number of skits to entertain the crowd and set excellent empowering messages out to the entire audience.

I personally found the experience to be AMAZING! The youth group had been rehearsing the numbers for some time and without a doubt in my mind they achieved every bit of effort they put in and more.

Congratulations Christian Fellowship Youth Church Group, you all Rock! AMEN to that!

Each performance had a message through dramatization and re – enactments of historical events about Jesus and Satan.

Each performance also had messages about deception and being coerced by Satan and being open minded enough and able to listen to the voices in your head, that are the voice of GOD telling you to pull away because you do have the strength within your soul and mind to move forward and with the words of wisdom of our LORD he will assist in delivering his understandings for you and enable you to prevail because you MUST!

Picking up a BIBLE for the first time may be the first step for many, including me.

The performances engaged the audience with Gasp and Gusto. The youth group nailed it! As I looked around the room, (located at WGC) I witnessed with my very eyes the power of GOD and the belief and values that he sets for all of us to follow and to be lead to great decisions and live in peace, love and gratitude.

The mood and spirits in the room were uplifted as if all worries, angst and concerns were released that very moment throughout the whole service.

The Preacher who was invited to attend from New Zealand spoke the word of GOD. His message was this. “There is a change coming in our atmosphere, so much so, that the wind will be gushing through our towns, in particular to Wallan, as well as the world.

God is working and he makes unfamiliar callings via the wind, sound and music. You may or may not recognise the calling but it is happening just as the seasons change for us every passing month, the wind, sounds and movement is what we are all going to be blessed with’.

I say, embrace this with all your heart. There was direct evidence of this last night with students I thought I knew well whilst teaching them during their primary school years and yet I had seen them perform and excel like never before. They confirmed feeling comfortable due to the costumes they were required to wear, safe and familiar with their surroundings.

For the first time, after teaching these students for a few years, I only honestly understood where their true nurturing, serving and belonging fits into their world and their environment and that is with GOD and with the Church.

I have come to realise that from an academic perspective we can deliver content and curriculum but it’s time we (teachers) get more creative in how you can realistically reach out to students who their only focus is GOD and the Church.

Yes, we could suggest that Bible schooling teaches them the fundamentals of historical, ethical and Christian occurrences and they wouldn’t receive this content in a Government School however, I’m referring to a more in depth relationship that you would want to develop with the students and completely connect with them on the level that they make sense of everything in their world, as they know it today.’

My epiphany today is to begin coaching; mentoring and counselling with a Christian dimension for those who choose to embrace this.

Recently, one of my clients did just that. In letting go of her guilt that she hung onto for many years we used every skill in the coaching profession and included the Bible in the discovery of her new self. We read out aloud Psalm 3:1 and for her these were powerful words straight from GOD and the Bible that gave her the strength she needed to move forward, knowing that she had to.

My key learning is to embrace everything that comes your way. Have an open mind and heart. Believe in GOD and let him guide you to where you need to go and you will find that your journey will become effortless.

Nikki Simos 15/02/2015