faith Faith and Spirituality is a topic that people usually associate with religion and with some form of belief or value on religion and religion practise. This includes people of Christian and non Christian based believers.

Mental Health on the other hand is based on life experiences and is in direct conflict with our emotions, moods, disorientations and functionality of our brain.

Endorphins that are released in our brains will trigger off an in-balance of dopamine or serotonin chemical levels that are chemical discharges that will have a great impact on our social and emotional behaviours. This is medically and scientifically proven.

Mark Waldman an American Neuroscientist and worlds leading expert on brain activity and spirituality, has completed extensive research on our brain wave activities and is able to demonstrate exactly what happens in our brains, and what happens, when neuro-transmitters release chemical endorphins and what effects they have on our thought processes, based on our current emotional status of our mindsets, at that given moment in our lives.

Evidence shows that a burst of a vessel enlarges in the back of our brains which will continue to burst periodically, and this burst occurs, each time a negative thought is conjugated in our minds. Scientist are able to identify the exact moment when a negative thought enters our minds and displays exactly what neurotransmitters are emoted during that very moment of the negative thought and how this negative thought then is attached to an emotion which then follows through with a meaning and therefore, a reaction followed by an emotion of the person current status of feelings and thought process.

Scientific research does state that our thoughts, feelings and emotions are in direct reflection of our current status of behaviours. When our brains are mechanically working and releasing chemicals to balance our thoughts, feelings, movement and emotions, it is directly effecting our mindsets.  The chemical dischargers and our neurotransmitters in our brains, react to our current experiences in our lives and as everyone experiences different circumstances in our life, our brains are interpreting these experiences as negative or positive journeys.

It has been proven that our brains do discharge electron chemical releases that will either cause negative thoughts or positive thoughts based on our feelings and emotions. Following to that, an idea or our thoughts that we have at the very moment of the burst of the vessel in our brain, is going to have a meaning on our experiences, that will trigger off a negative or positive emotion and will be followed by an emotive action, following the emotions.

For example, if some person was feeling sad, lonely and felt isolated in the current status of living, then they are likely to be feeling and thinking that they are depressed and that their lives are meaningless, therefore, everything they say, do and act will be based on how they are feeling.

On the other hand, if some person was feeling joy, happy and often socialises they are likely to be feeling an abundance of happiness and would act accordingly to their internal emotions of their behaviours. Whereby, they are projecting to others that they are healthy, balanced and are happy in their current status of living, therefore, feeling inclusive, feeling as if they belong in their community and what they have to offer is valued.

Religion and spirituality cannot be fully reduced or explained by science or psychological appliances but in terms of coping and dealing with well being appears to have better results for those who do and have suffered mental health.

Research conducted by Psychologist, Cayenne Ever has worked endlessly on people who are chronic illnesses suffers and who have had a strong faith base belief and practise in their daily lives. She has been able to demonstrate that when people have an effective mindset, truly believe in faith, that their outcomes, in becoming healed mentally and physically and also becoming better version of themselves, are evident.

Research has shown that mantra types of meditation compared to spiritual phrase appears to be more effective, in healing outcomes. Making positive affirmations to have benefits but engaging in spiritual phrases and spiritual practice is more beneficial.

faithCayenne states in the journal written for the American mental health and wellbeing board and committee scientific publication, that religion and spirituality have a focus on the sacred elements.  Belief in faith and spirituality has a long lasting connectedness and abundance of life and deep internal connectedness for self.  She goes on to write that, It’s a mind body connection with a faith based understandings that have proven to of worked with people who have suffered from strokes, HIV suffers, multiple scleroses sufferers.

Studies of religion indicators of mental health outcomes have been significant in cases and studies conducted in America. Generally religion, faith and belief in a higher source of power for healing have proven to be miraculous in some cases.

Human potential and their flourishment is what support mental health influences of religion, faith and spirituality.

In my personal experience since understanding and embracing faith more over time, I can state that during my meditation times, I believe I have truly provided miraculous healings, feelings, and emotions and sometimes even visions to what it is that I am to focus on next. Once I would’ve believed that it was my positive mindset that has been the driver of my success to date but now I find myself questioning this.

I am now asking alternative questions. Has my life already planned out for me? Is all the learning and experiences that I have had to date meant to of happened as part of GOD’s plan for me? Is whatever to happen next in my life experiences GOD’s plans as well?

Now if I was to confess to a priest he would say a simple, ‘YES’. He would not be able to explain all the things that have happened, currently happening and will happen. He would simply say, this is GODs plans for you and your journey and all he wants for all of us (mortal souls), is to be and adopt ‘Christ like character’ behaviour, which is simply to live life with JOY, LOVE, HAPPINESS and CONNECTEDNESS for self and for others. To be moved away from deception and evil influences and to be guided by nothing else accept for an abundance of LIGHT and an abundance of LOVE.

I am always interested to know what people’s thoughts are on my blogs. Feel free to express your point of views and I willingly open this up for discussion as a diplomatic right for all and freedom of speech.

I will conclude by suggesting that if you want to get the best outcomes out of a meditation session ensure you are in a place of complete bliss, harmony and tranquil environment. For me this can be any spot surrounded by green grass, bright natural sunlight on a hill somewhere or simply in a church on a Sunday morning listening to Hymns, surrounded by saints and iconographical pictures and the vibe of the church community atmosphere.