What is your cause in life?

What do you really want?

Who can answer that for you?

Do you know that you could be more but not sure how to get there?

When will you decide your calling is ready to shine?

What is the ultimate happiness for you? What does that even mean?

Who decides what happiness we manifest?

Where does our happiness come from?

For a minority success can just happen.  For most success is proven when working hard at it.  For some success is when you work wise.

When will you leverage your time to work effortlessly for you?

What does that even mean for you?

How do you know you are a success and a success at what?

As a life strategist all these questions are answered for me daily, some answers are dealt with quickly and some are dealt with slowly.  Every day, I come across people and we have chats about how things are hard, tricky and difficult to get around to.
I often can’t understand why that is the case.  I speak with self, I trust my thinking and my source of where my thoughts are feeding into my mind from and I run with great ideas, sometimes and sometimes not so great.  We call these not so great ideas mistakes.  We all do them and are guilty of them some more than others.  However, the great thing here is know you can go on.  There is no judgement to be made.  There is trust, honesty, gratitude and life to continue with.  I love life, I love living and I am grateful that I can breathe and wake up everyday knowing that I can support and serve.