We all experience challenging times in our lives and it’s perfectly normal to feel all the emotions that go with them. Fear, worry, sadness, stress…  We’re human, after all. Today I want to explain why it’s important that we aren’t driven by those emotions.

Recently my husband experienced a mild heartache and has had surgery for a quadruple bypass.  This was completely unexpected and came during the whirlwind time of my book launch events. I was completely shocked and overwhelmingly worried about my beautiful husband.

My emotions were all over the place, as you can imagine.

However, I chose not to place myself at the mercy of the emotional effects of what had happened. I knew that during this very difficult moment I had to be strong for my children, myself and external family members.  So, I chose to stay focused, be optimistic and be pleased that my hubby is in the right place, getting the right care, and will get the help he needs to get over this bump.

Of course, it’s important to recognise your emotions.  Hiding from them isn’t healthy. I gave myself permission to cry and certainly to rest.  I allowed myself time to process the shock of what had happened. This is the healthiest way to cope.

I’m not saying don’t feel the emotions. (Pretty impossible, right?) I believe in acknowledging them and allowing yourself time to be human. What I am saying, is don’t make your decisions in the heat of the moment while you are still emotional.  Those choices are rarely the best.

For me, recent dramas and shocks included

  1. Con’s heart attack
  2. My mother in Law wanting to end her life at 91, before her sons at 48
  3. Our family dog Archie getting hit by a car and surviving the impact.
  4. A dead pet rabbit found outside my door step.
  5. My daughter experiencing an injury to her ankle and foot requiring x-rays and ultra sounds.
  6. My own ultra sounds and CT extremity scans on my benign tumour.

YET… I was still able to stay focused. Still not asking the WHAT IF questions. Keeping calm and in control of my mind, body and soul with all the stresses.

You need to deal with whatever caused those emotions to flare up; to deal with the situation and not just the feelings.

Remember that you don’t have to do it alone. Seek the support of people you trust, especially in the early moments. I have received great support from family, friends, church family groups and from Priests. I am truly grateful and appreciate it all.

I want to end by offering our thanks to everyone for all their thoughts, prayers and wishes. Blessings to us all.