25 October 2016

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The impact of rape doesn’t stop when the act does. With the rate of sexual assault at an all-time high in Australia, too many women are having to deal with the consequences of violence not only to their body but also to their minds.

Twice raped, the victim of forced abortion, and suffering from suicidal thoughts, Nikki Simos has not only survived; she is launching her new book to tell her story of recovery in the hope of helping other victims overcome the trauma of rape and sexual assault.

Called ‘Letting Go, Moving On,’ Nikki asks the question, “What happens to a person when they keep pain and secrets hidden from the outside world?”

“When you hide your secret away so nobody else knows, it is impossible to heal. The wound festers and grows, making it difficult to live a normal life. One small thing can trigger a reaction, a memory, when you least expect it, and that’s impossible to hide,” said Nikki.

“The US Presidential election campaign has thrown the spotlight onto the topic of sexual assault and it’s almost impossible to block it from your consciousness. When you are carrying the wound of rape, the insensitivity of many of the comments is enough to trigger depression, breakdown or even worse.”

Nikki went on to say, “You can’t hide from the effects of rape or sexual abuse, although you can try to fool yourself into thinking you’re coping. Without getting your story out and into the light, you can’t move on. Your mind will never be at ease. “

Nikki finally had the courage to share her experiences of suicidal thoughts, rape and a forced abortion. What she gained was the chance to live an authentic life – one without secrets.

Nikki believes that by sharing her story and dealing with her secrets, every woman can overcome her obstacles and live the life that she deserves; one full of happiness and contentment.

“I have not forgiven the act but I have forgiven the person,” Nikki said. “I want to share my story to let women know that it really is possible to keep living a real life despite what has happened to them. I hope that by reading my story, they will find the help they need to start letting the past go.”

Nikki’s book is her story and it shows women that they can take the first step towards revealing what has happened to them and do so in a way that heals.

Letting Go, Moving On will be officially launched at:

  • Busy Bird Publishing, 2/118 Para Rd Montmorency, on Wednesday 9th November at 7pm.
  • The Presentation of Our Lord Church Hall, Victoria Street Coburg, Thursday 17th of November at 7pm.
  • Wallan Multipurpose Centre, Bentinck Street, Wallan on Friday 25th of November at 7pm.

The book is also available now on Nikki’s website at Mind Ahead,

Nikki will be donating a percentage of profits to charity.

About Nikki:

Nikki Simos has worked successfully for a Member of Parliament, within the Film and Television Industry, and in the Telecommunications Industry, as well as for varied retail businesses and a Children’s Entertainer.

Nikki has also worked in the Government Education Sector as a Primary School Specialist Teacher, working in Performing Arts/Drama/Media & Music.

For more information about Letting Go, Moving On, contact Nikki Simos by phone on 0438 587 425 or by email at