Are Mistakes Meant to Happen? Do We Learn From Them?

Often in life we do things on impulse and we feel that it is the right thing to act on at that present moment only to find out that it was all a mistake down the track.

When children make mistakes we hope to forgive them and have a conversation with them advising that it’s okay and that they are learning.

When adults make mistakes it seems to hold a whole different meaning. We are older therefore; we are expected to know better. What meaning do we give our mistakes as adults? How bad, is a bad mistake? Who makes that judgement?

Recently, I discovered that I had made some business decisions that I thought at the time were good business decisions. However, down the track as the business decision has cost me money that I don’t have and yet had to find, I continued to support the decision that I made basing my beliefs on hope.

However, clarity is what I really should have been seeking. Having a clear vision and a step by step action plan that will provide the opportunity to move towards the ultimate goal that I am wanting for my business should technically lead to great business decisions.

Forgiveness is another topical issue at current. We must learn to forgive all that goes on around us. Sometimes we cannot excuse and forgive an act that has occurred but we should find it in our hearts to forgive those or self for deciding the wrong outcomes which leads to mistakes that are on different levels of a catastrophe scale depending what impact the mistake will have and who would be affected?

As a generalisation it would be fair statement to suggest that life is challenging and we all make errors. Learning from the best options people have upon reflection of the outcome of having made the mistake. Also, understanding at what position on the catastrophe scale is the mistake. Is it a problem that is going to cause major earthshaking experiences for all that is around us or is it a minor issue that can be discussed and dealt with straight away.

I prefer to be at the end of dealing with the issue and moving on, which one would you prefer?




Nikki Simos Director of Mind Ahead, Mistakes and Moving Forward, 27th of May, 2015