As a life strategist, an educator and someone who is extremely passionate about wellness of people’s minds, it is a mission of mine to increase mental health awareness in the education sector, in the community and in the government sectors.

Mental Health is a confronting discussion. 10% of students are involved in self harm. Research tells us that nearly half of all problems relating to mental health commence before aged 14, hence the opportunity for schools to get involved. Many mental health risk factors present before the age of 6 months and it is estimated that anxiety, depression and behavioural problems will present in one out of every seven students at school.

Mental health as we understand it is what life brings along to you. It’s your way of dealing with social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

It’s about having a healthy mindset about going to school, going to work, going out with friends, socialising with colleagues.

It’s about your self – sense. It’s about the motivation you have within you to go outside your comfort zone and involve yourself in doing things.

We are all different walks of life and that is absolutely okay. It’s okay to have your own experiences and your own journeys.

Your journey is going to be different and unique from others so enjoy the times and moments you experience with yourself in whatever it is that you engage in doing.

Mental Health is a serious issue and is not to be taken lightly by any means. When you’re in doubt of you and your thoughts make sure you seek out for assistance.

You are not alone and you can be helped.

Mind Ahead  – Nikki Simos – Life Strategist, 04th November 2014