Meeting People – Connecting – Listening – Responding – Living

Not long ago, I attended a business meeting and met up with some very interesting people from the local community. It was run by Skills Plus and held at the local library, in the John Fawkner room.

There were about 20 attendees, great scones, jam and cream all made by the Blue Dragonfly Café supporting the event for morning tea.

What a fantastic concept to have people meet in the same place sharing their services, passions and years of experiences in industries that have provided and continue to support, serve, connect and respond to the needs of the members of our community.

Some businesses have been around for weeks, months and others for years.

Mind Ahead and its particular offering, what is now known as ‘The Nikki Effect’, is to be able to be the best version of myself as a person and also as an effective communicator.

I know I can do this well as an Educator, Life Strategist, Facilitator and Mentor. However, there are moments where I simply, just freeze and wish to have a down moment, knowing that it’s okay and perfectly normal to do this, which is to rest, stop, have time to recharge the batteries and then go for it all over again the following day. Whatever the experience may be for you.

Every day, I am connecting, serving, supporting, and nourishing people’s minds. Talking about what people want. What makes them happy? What fulfils their lives with love, laughter, wellness, sustainability, certainty and the need for completeness?

I recently drove to NSW, Moulamein, close to Deniliquin. A person I have met in my journey with TCI, The Coaching Institute, had this crazy idea to go to ConFest, sleep over for two days and then come back to Victoria.

I had to find out what ConFest was all about and understand what purpose for going such a distance would be for me. How would that impact on me and my business.

To cut a long story short, I bit the bullet and took off. I invited my pro–bono client and my son to attend. Once we arrived there after almost 4 hours of driving on the road, we arrive at the gate to pay for our entry fee. Out of left wing we see this gentleman running around with nothing on his back other than the skin he was born with, YEP, naked.

I immediately responded by saying to my client and my son, “that this journey is going to be a very interesting journey and to all keep an open mind.”

The look on their faces was priceless. They were shocked, surprised, amazed and now very curious.

Exactly the kind of response you would like to receive with every engagement that we all encounter in our lives.

At that point I knew I offered good advice as once we passed the initial gate we then were stopped by another lot of people, who were generous and advised where to park, set up our tent, emergency gathering and how to be safe.. Five hours later that same person who greeted us at the entry door, became us. We were asked if we didn’t mind doing the job as part of the commitment and attendance was to also volunteer your time for a minimum of 2 hours. As ConFest is a not for profit organisation this was the way the service offered to us continue to be maintained and therefore, able to run what they do and offer what they have to members of the community at the time..

Four hours later we were still standing at the gate happily serving the newcomers as they entered through the gates.

I immediately found this to be a great business opportunity and also handed out my leaflets to every car that was directed by my son in our lane. Further to this, the volunteers at the two other gate entries also were willing to hand out my flyers to cars as well.

My purpose originally was to provide a space for me where I can promote Mind Ahead, network with people letting them what I do and how I may be able to assist, I also was hoping to hand out my flyers and that I did successfully, I was able to conduct a mini workshop and have a coaching breakthrough session for a client.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and not really sure where things start or could end up is a challenge to be dealing with in life. You don’t know what you don’t know however, if you a willing to step up, take a challenge on board, keep an open mind and go towards the outcomes, whatever they may lead to, you can reflect and agree or disagree whether the journey was a success or not. If you choose not to have a go at something, whatever the something is for you in your life, you will never know what it could’ve been like.

We simply just do the do and enjoy it. Life is what we make of it and the meaning we put towards our life will differ for everyone based on experiences.

Embrace what you have, enjoy what you can have and live life to the fullest potential that you can offer being the best version of yourself along the journey.

Nikki Simos – Mind Ahead 10/04/2015