Our lives become so hectic as we try to cram in as many items to our daily agendas that we can. At some time, we all reach emotional overwhelm.

What does this mean?

Emotional overwhelm in a child’s mind is simply completing a task that has been asked of them. Depending whether they understand the task or not will depend on whether they get through it or not.

emotional overwhelm

Emotional overwhelm in an adult’s mind, is aiming to get through a to do list or simply a million things in a day and realising that there isn’t enough time to complete all the tasks that need to get done.

This is where I decide to put the brakes on. I hear the little ‘ego’ or inner voice advising me that I am only human and I can only do what I can do in the time that I have to do it in. If I aim to get everything done in the day, then what will I have available to do the next day?

Yes, I know the obvious answer to that is simply more on the new day plus what you had the day before.

This again is exactly why I believe it is imperative that we are aware of when our brain and body has had enough.

When you know that you have aimed to complete all that you can, and have aimed to do the best that you can do, I believe it should be good enough for self achievement.

Of course for others it may not be enough.

You may feel that you are being judged by others on your ability and capacity to complete tasks, and on your performance.

I would suggest that you give yourself permission and allow yourself the break that you deserve. Ensure that you remind yourself that it’s okay that you didn’t complete the tasks on hand because you know that you will get to it tomorrow or an alternate day, and the job will get done.

Emotional overwhelm or experiencing exhaustion only leads to sickness and illness that we don’t want.

The moment we tell our minds that we may not be good enough, is the moment you have given up on self, and therefore begin to create self doubt that leads to emotional overwhelm in many areas of our lives.

Therefore, this is why I am absolutely certain I need to share this advice with you. Stop when you know that YOU have done the best that you can do. Providing that you have also been realistic about what you are able to achieve in the day or the time that you have on task to complete the job. There is no point in beating yourself about items that have not been achieved or accomplished.

We all know that we have a day to make the most of what we can ,and placing our time in areas that can make a difference.

That is a huge achievement for self and it is worth celebrating and rewarding yourself for.

So the next time you begin to feel emotional overwhelm. Simply, STOP yourself from thinking anything worse. Get on top of your thinking and your game by telling yourself that you have achieved all that you can do today, and tomorrow is simply yet another day.