By Nikki Simos – Mind Ahead 6/3/15

We are all meeting people somewhere in the course of the day and sometime in the most unexpected places.

Sometimes the intention of meeting people may be inevitable and other times your meetings are planned where you cannot avoid people.

So why is it that some people just simply connect at the first site of engagements and others are less likely to develop the rapport upon first appearance?

What Physiology is going on within us that needs to be understood by our unconscious and conscious minds?

Does the Holy Spirit provide the answers for us all?

So many questions to be answered and until we believe in the clarity that has been provided to us be that from the Holy Spirit, from the Creator himself, from the Universe, from the greater good of mankind, everything we encounter and experience in our daily living and in particular to when we are engaging in conversations with others, the world as we see it will make sense to us all.

There will be no conflict in our daily lives.

We would embrace the love of all living things and see the beauty within all living things as we believe to see it, in it’s true form.

Psychoanalysts like ‘Carl Yung’ believed that everything around us is a reflection of our own identity in the physical form as we know it to be today.

Deepak a quantum physics theorist believes that manifestation comes deep within our souls and all living ideologies are provided to us by the Lord himself when each and every one of the living souls on this planet chooses to embrace the concept.

A glass is not a glass, is what Carl Yung said. It’s the perception of the glass that we as humans have manifested and believed to be the glass.

The glass that we drink from.

The glass that breaks.

The glass that is re- created.

All these methodologies and deep philosophical theories are what we choose to believe and manifest within our own minds and the parallel thinking to this concept is how we also see our true reflections as a human beings.

God created mankind and the physical body that each and every one of us on this planet has been born with, our external appearance that we have been provided to continue our Journey on this planet in this form, is a gift of life as we see it and as we understand it.

What we perceive to be true for us is only what we choose to believe.

In my opinion, when we choose to believe the unfamiliar occurrences on a daily basis, be that the person you meet for the first time be that a conversation that takes place with a person you have known for a while, without questioning, exploring and seeking clarity and explanations, this thinking could end up being a detriment to our souls.

Thus, the opposite to all of this ideology, is the Holy Spirit that floats within us. That guides us to our journeys. That provides us with experiences that are explainable and sometimes are simply not clear.

Therefore, when you engage in a conversation today be that with God, be that with the people you see in the physical form, be that with the people you have never met before.

Ask yourself, why the meeting has occurred. How is this current conversation going to be of benefit to me or to others? Why have I been directed to speak with this individual?

My philosophy in life is that every experience good, bad, positive or indifferent occurs for a deep and meaningful reason. It’s your calling to work out the why.