“Life is hard at times. When I overcome more challenges, I become much stronger than before. So I’m going to embrace them all and continue to become a better version of self and have faith in this journey”.

overcome challengesWhich is exactly what I have done to date and I can only hope that this insight gives you value in leading you to where you need to be, what you need to have and who you have to become to move forward with all challenges that you embrace in your journey.

As you may be aware, I have just been through not one but two very delicate surgical procedures. I am grateful to some degree for yet another experience that simply placed new perspectives and thoughts that I had to allow time to filter through my mind and allow time for learning and understanding as to why I had to endure what I refer to as a ‘medical hiccup’, in my life.

I found myself connecting more with my beliefs in spirituality, trusting the vision that may come forth, the feelings, emotions and messages that I receive and knowing that I am safe when deciding to act on what I may hear, see or feel in this mode of filtration that I allow my mind to endure.

Therefore, by asking God, why was I to have this medical procedure now in my life when all things in my journey were flowing nicely. Why was I to have two medical procedures within a very short space of time? Why, God have you placed this distraction on me and my family.

After having time to embrace my spiritual learning, resting, healing and recovering, I came to the realization that it was God’s way of telling me to slow down and stop for awhile.

Well at least that’s what I believe and I am sticking to this story.

I am a firm believer that our journey on this planet are already written out for us and we have to trust, believe and have faith.

Sometimes we are focused on what we want to achieve that we immerse ourselves so much into what we want and we forget to take a little time to think about our health and what needs to be attended to.

I guess the next time you have a thought to catch up with the Doctor don’t procrastinate on the thought go and do it. Doctors are medical practitioners that understand things better than us as far as our physical form and state of wellbeing goes.

Our minds, (brain) however, is the machine that drives us to where we need to be going, what we should be doing and what we need to have to get there.

We conjugate our thoughts and make decisions that suit us. What we should be mindful of is to seek guidance when in doubt. Or seek answers when we are not sure. Or seek advice from the professionals. Most importantly ask loads of questions even if they have already answered the question. Ask again until we understand it completely and that we are all on the same page.

Move away from embarrassment, judgment, confusion, mis- understandings all that can happen with a simple conversation that we all have with our medical practitioners at some stage in our lives.

I am more determined than ever to achieve all my goals.

What steps are you taking to act on your goals and better outcomes for your living standards and life journey?

I always welcome feedback and look forward to chatting. Skype is a service that I do have available for consultations and ensure your visit my web page, click on the link ‘the book’ and pre-order my first memoir book titled, ‘Letting Go, Moving On’.

Thank you for your support as without it my goals cannot be achieved!