Mind Ahead all began with the idea of me becoming a better version of me.  Letting go of my past and baggage, living in the now, being able to move forward, sharing publicly my deepest personal fears and regrets.
I have had the most amazing journey to date by adding value, support and direction into people’s personal lives.  That these experiences, have simply added value, support and direction to my own thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions, that I have taken on board to date and will continue to take on board, as Mind Ahead grows.
I have a true sense of internal fulfilment, happiness, personal growth and development.  The personal support I have received from my family and friends has been overwhelming.  Clients who have volunteered to join me on my journey have also been well received with loads of love and genuine support.  Extraordinary people that I have met to date have been a blessing.
I thank everyone who have placed their trust in me, my beliefs, values, skills and knowledge, in making sense of their world, listening to me going on a passionate rampage and continuing to support ideologies of a Life Strategist, Counsellor and Mentor.
The launch on the 7th was fantastic.  During the launch, I was able to successfully conduct a live demonstration on a person who was keen to develop their own art therapy business workshops for some time and discovered that they hadn’t had enough self-love and self-esteem within their soul. The client had a passion to work with Aboriginal children in our society and people who suffered from mental illness.

I was so pleased for this lady. Upon completion of my discovery coaching session, the client was so pleased, she gave me a cuddle. “I never really know where conversations are going to go and lead me to. I just know that I am certain that I can empower people with their own thinking and guiding them to clarity for self”.

We were fortunate to experience a visit by two children’s characters. The children were extremely excited and may I confess, not just the children, adults as well.  ‘Fairy Lou’ also attended and provided excellent face painting for the excited children.

We also had Laura Gillon, who at 22 years of age, performed three beautiful songs that enchanted the audience.  Laura had been coached by Nikki in building confidence to perform in front of a live audience.  Laura managed to do this successfully and received very positive feedback from people whom she had never met before, commenting on how wonderful her angelic voice is and how moved they were.

See Laura singing Here.

– Nikki