prayWhat an amazing spiritual journey I have been on and continue to be on. I can only advise that it’s like being on a roll-coaster. The ride itself as we know, speeds up and then slow downs, speeds up again and then slows down until it aims to hit a home run and returns back where the ride began from.

Since May of this year, my journey has been feeling exactly like that.

For those of you who may not be aware, I was in hospital. I did have some serious surgery relating to women’s gynecological issues and discovered in the process that I had aggressive cancer in my ovaries, which thank GOD that he had been with me the whole time, and it was all removed.

You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it!

Then we (my family and I) dealt with the emotions that are attached to all of this process. I personally began to think, “Will I live another day? Will I see my children again? Will I awake from this and it will all go away as if nothing ever happened?”

Well fortunately, for me it was the third question answered and along with my prayers through the duration, literally listening to hymns, meditating, feeling and being peace, and reminding myself that I can get through this. I have the willpower to turn the page. I believe that GOD will look out for me and he is by my side, I can and will get through this.

Miraculously, I did! The power of self belief, faith, love, and trust within me and around me is what made it all possible. Do I feel blessed? Absolutely YES!

Here is the golden question. Can you feel the same as I did? YES! When you are seriously in doubt and you feel life is about to end, I strongly urge you to pray and to something that is bigger than you. Have faith and believe that situations can turn around.

Where to now, you may be asking? I am super excited!! I am blessed for times yet to come because I can officially advise that my book of memoirs is off to the publishers, printing hard copies of my first ever published book, titled “Letting Go, Moving On”.

I have been talking about this for years and I thought it was only a big dream that I had. Now it is happening for real. I made it my reality and I cannot wait to share it with you.

My website is where you are able to pre-order a copy and have it sent to you or even personally delivered to you (if local) with a personalised message.

It’s a great gift to have for self or for someone else. It will share with you experiences that I had as a teenager to do with being a rape victim, not once but twice, having to abort a child and also having suicidal thoughts. This was a traumatic and challenging experience for me at the time and yet I have seen the light ‘so to speak,’ and have come out the other end feeling freedom, becoming all that I can be and committing to my cause which is all that I truly want for others around me.

Thanks again for your support. Please check in every now and again as I will be advising my ‘official’ book launch date for your information soon.